I went on an outing to Descanso Gardens with the family a few days ago. The Camellias were in bloom; thousands of them, much to my delight, and cherry blossoms had taken over the Japanese garden.  It was a great way to get into the Spring spirit, and to glean some inspiration about what to plant in our own yard.  

One of my favorite things to see at Descanso are the Belgian Fences.  Don't know what that is?

belgian fence2.JPG

If you're unfamiliar with espalier, it's a way of training tiny, branchless saplings called whips into beautiful two dimensional shapes. It's generally done with apple or pear trees, but other types of trees such as willow can be used, too. It can take up to 4 years to accomplish the desired shape, but the result is so stunning, it's worth the wait.  Here are some different types of espalier:


It may require some patience, but this makes for some serious curb appeal.  I especially love the Belgian Fence, which is also called Diamond Cordon or Double Lattice. I'm trying to find a spot in our yard where this would work, I need it in my life! Who wouldn't want a fence made out of pears? Here's a good tutorial on how to make it happen.