I've been trying to get my home studio together for a while now, but I got kind of stuck in the planning stage, got distracted, found other things to work on, you know how it goes. I just couldn't settle on a paint color. Ironic, since it's easy for me to choose paint colors for other people.

Since this is where I work, I wanted something neutral that wouldn't interfere with the creative process, but that would feel...special. Then, it came to me in the middle of the night, as ideas often do: pink! Not pepto pink or bubble gum, but a muted, grown up version, like French pink clay. I looked around and pinned some inspiration photos, and these are a few of my favorites (check my Pinterest page for more). That was such a helpful step in the process, I highly recommend it. 

Next, I picked five colors that I liked from my fan decks, and made samples on foam core. I'm always amazed how colors that look very similar in the small swatches can look so different in larger samples. I taped all five samples to the wall, one wall at a time, and chose my favorite. One sample won on 3 of 4 walls, so I double checked my choice throughout the day in different lights. And the winner is...Benjamin Moore Pale Petal! It's just the right depth, not peach, not purple, not beige, but a subtle, feminine pink. It will be a lovely contrast to the putty-grey of the hall leading into the room.

Now that this piece of the puzzle is established, the next part-- selecting fabrics, window coverings, etc.--will be a lot easier. I'll keep you posted as it all comes together.