My house has some good qualities, but unfortunately storage isn't one of them. We're cursed with minimal closet space, no basement and no attic. We do have one large closet, which until recently was aptly named the "messy closet." With only one high shelf, it had a lot of space, but nowhere to put anything.  The before photo above is how it looked after we cleared it out quite a bit, by the way.

After some planning, some dollars spent at the Container Store, a fresh coat of paint and some not-too-hard work, the closet is now home to floor to ceiling shelves and drawers; a luxurious amount of storage compared to what it was. The lesson here is to use your vertical space wisely, you have more room than you think! And don't be reluctant to drop some dough on organization, it's totally worth it.  

There's only one problem with all our new found space; we're going to have to come up with a new name for the closet.